Child clean brush one's teeth.

Children’s Dental Care

Children need to have dental care as soon as they begin getting teeth, usually about age 1. Pediatricians are now checking infants’ mouths more regularly and if they see something will advise you take you child to the dentist. We recommend a first formal visit by age 3, although bringing your child with you on one of your appointments before that age helps them get comfortable with the office. Most of the time, they will want to have their turn!

It is very important to start your child on a regular daily routine of brushing their teeth before they go to bed. At younger ages, they may not be very effective and parents should help. But establishing the habit is most important. With a healthy diet, lots of fluoridated tap water, most children will not develop many cavities. Coming in for preventive visits will allow us to monitor the eruption pattern of baby teeth, and then permanent teeth and evaluate jaw development.

If we establish a good relationship with children early, they almost always do very well if they actually need a filling. We only refer children to a pedodontist if there are severe oral health problems before age 5 or if there are behavioral issues. We always welcome parents’ questions and enjoy our young patients!