Teeth in One Day

Dental Implants “Teeth in One Day”

Dental implant technology has experienced an exciting breakthrough, single visit implant restorations. It is now possible to extract all remaining (failing) teeth in the top or bottom and place 4-6 implants in just one visit!

With this procedure, Rubino Dentistry will place dental implants, as many as needed, into the places where the patient is missing teeth. The implants are connected to the jaw so they are as strong as real teeth. Dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth since they look and feel like real teeth and will prevent surrounding teeth from shifting.

Dental implants used to take 5-9 months and the patient would have to wear a conventional denture until we determined that the implants were successful. This new approach actually improves the implant success rate and drastically reduces the time it takes to complete the process. After four months, we will construct a long-term prosthesis, which a patient can wear for many, many years.

This has become an amazing, life altering process for those patients who need it. By eliminating the long, drawn out process, it is much less disruptive to personal schedules. You are able to be yourself and do what you do sooner than you would think!

Dental implants look and feel like normal teeth as they are secured to the jaws. If you have lost any teeth, it is important to get them replaced. Contact Rubino Dentistry about getting dental implants to restore your smile!