Performance Mouth Guard

Performance Mouth Guards

Rubino Dentistry is an authorized provider of the Under Armour line of performance mouth guards designed and proven to enhance performance during sport activity. In both custom and boil and bite versions, these performance mouth guards have been clinically proven to improve athletic performance by as much as 17%, as tested in multiple university studies. Whether you get a custom fit or boil and bite, your mouth guard will fit according to your tooth imprints and alignment. With custom fit, we make the mold at Rubino Dentistry. If you opt for a boil and bite version, simply place in hot water, remove, then bite the mouth guard while it is soft. Once the mouth guard hardens, it will retain your tooth pattern.

Athletes who use performance mouth guards can feel the superior differences of comfort and effectiveness versus over-the-counter mouth guards. Thousands of professional athletes are now using them in football, hockey, skiing, basketball, track and more. To reach your full potential as an athlete, try a custom fitĀ Under Armour Performance Mouth guard.

A good mouth guard is supposed to fit close to the skin for a perfect fit, yet does not squeeze or compress the teeth. They should allow you to still breathe easily and talk. The mouth guards are designed for all sports to protect your mouth from potential damage during contact.

Many Under Armour mouth guards feature improved protection, which give a higher impact protection to your teeth, jaw, and gums. New technology in the mouth guards also absorbs more energy on impact. A protected mouth means a more confident athlete.