TMD/MPD Therapy

What is TMD/MPD?  TMD is temporomandibular joint disorder and is when the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) are functioning properly.  MPD (Myofacial Pain Disorder) occurs when muscles associated with the TMJ become unbalanced and traumatized. Both disorders often features symptoms that seem unrelated to anything with the jaw and consequently, can confuse some people. TMD/MPD can cause serious pain that interferes with everyday life.

As a Park Ridge dentist office, Rubino Dentistry is fully capable of diagnosing any issues and giving therapy to help improve the condition. We will be able to check the joints and muscle for any tenderness, any clicking, or any popping

What are some symptoms of TMD/MPD? Let Dr. Rubino know if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Headaches (frequent)- these can happen due to the tension of your muscle when biting.
  • Pain in your ear(s)
  • Restricted jaw movements
  • Any chewing difficulties
  • Pain in your face or jaw
  • If your bite is uneven
  • Pain in your neck, shoulder(s), or even back
  • Ringing in your ear(s)
  • Any clicking, locking, or popping with your jaw.

Therapy involves oral appliances, anti inflammatory and pain medications, alterations in diet and daily routines. In some cases a referral to a physical therapist is indicated. In rare circumstances a referral to your physician is appropriate because some symptoms of TMD/MPD are very similar to more serious medical conditions.

Dr. Rubino will be able to make an appropriate decision as to your therapy to remedy your pain.

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned, make an appointment with Dr. Rubino today.