The Diagnodent and Soprolife are excellent additions to digital x-rays for detecting cavities.  We can find cavities when they are much smaller and easier to repair.  The Florida Probe is a computer-assisted instrument to accurately detect gum disease. It also helps our patients understand the nature of their problem and possible treatment therapies.  And we use the Compudent STA to make our anesthetic technique as comfortable and effective as possible!  Many patients comment on how little discomfort they feel while we are using at and how quickly and profoundly they become “numb”.  We can even reverse the anesthetic process using the STA and a product called Oraverse.

Cone Beam (CB/CT) X-rays

The introduction of Cone-Beam 3D imaging for the oral and maxillofacial region has opened up new vistas for the use of three-dimensional imaging as a diagnostic and treatment-planning tool for all dental professionals. In our practice we utilize a service that has the machine on a truck, which comes to our office for patient convenience. Once the scan is completed we are given a CD which has software that allows us to diagnose is ways not previously possible.

Cone Beam scans offer innumerable advantages over conventional dental x-rays. Most of these advantages stem from the fact that the scans are three-dimensional as opposed to conventional x-rays that only offer a two-dimensional view. From a single CBVI study, limitless views may be generated with software that captures images from different angles, at different depths, and that are selective for different tissues. We will be using them most for implant placement diagnosis, using the CB/CT to identify the best position for dental implants and then have a custom guide splint made to assist us in putting the actual implant in the bone position determined by the scan. This will improve the already high success rates for dental implants.